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Private Equity & Venture Capital


At FINOVA, we provide audit and tax services to a wide variety of alternative investment funds including Fund of Funds, Mortgage Instruments, Private Equity, Real Estate, and Venture Capital.

In order to diversify investment risk and capitalise on unique opportunities for investment returns, the popularity of alternative investment strategies has increased in recent years. These vehicles may invest in private equities, debt, leases, hedge funds, funds-of-funds, real estate and sector funds. The management of these complex entities present challenges to fund managers and investment advisors.

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Unique strategies and varying degrees of fund activity and in-house accounting and tax resources are just a few of the factors that make our engagements with these funds unique. We work collaboratively with fund management to customise service approaches that are cost-effective and precisely tailored to meet your needs.

With our strong network of key people in various industries and especially in the venture capital arena, your future is in good hands. Our role is to help you prepare the business plan for submission to these venture capitalists as well as help you negotiate the process needed for investments by these firms.

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